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I still remember the first time I truly shared my story, the first time I shook off the chains of shame and apprehension and laid my soul down for the world to see. It was a column for my college newspaper in which I talked in detail about the height of my depression, and the day it published my life changed forever.

The responses I received were numerous and heartfelt, most saying they appreciated my honesty, many saying that they recognized pieces of themselves in what I'd written. That's the day I realized that everyone has a story to tell, and that if it's told in the right way, it truly has the power to bring us closer to one another. That's the day I realized I wanted to be a writer.

Today, with a degree in creative writing and years of experience working for a range of publications, I'm happy to offer my services to those looking to tell a story. As a writer, I aim to inspire and educate, to make my narrative heard and understood so that others might not feel so alone. As an editor, I strive to help you broadcast your message in a way that's clear, concise, and true to your own voice.

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Communication is my strongest skill. If you're a website owner or a business and you're unsure how to best express your message, I can help turn your ideas into content that's clear and concise for your readers.



In the age of binge-watching and content overload, one of the hardest things to do is make your voice heard. I can help you create or rework your content or website copy to ensure that it will cut through the clutter.



From crafting posts in your voice to analyzing your engagement to developing growth strategies, I'm here to help you bring your following to the next level.

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The hardest part of writing is just getting started. Need guidance on how to approach your novel, term paper, cover letter, article, or other writing project? Let's sit down and talk it through!

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